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Aerial Dancer/performer and Entrepreneur

Have you ever thought about trying something new, but found yourself searching for a “good enough” reason to? Well that was me. In 2018 I almost lost my life unexpectedly, and it was very traumatic. I found myself looking for something new, something to make me feel “alive” again. Thankfully I saw enough posts on my social media about Aerial dancing, and thought to myself “no way, I could do that” over and over again, until one day I decided to try it out. I immediately fell in love with everything. Ever since then it has become apart of who I am, and what I love. I have found a whole new beauty, strength and confidence within myself.  I created this site to share my experience, and my love for the aerial and pole fitness. I hope you enjoy my content and products and check out my other social links : My YouTube channel has my full survival story, Pinterest is loaded with Pins on Aerial and Pole, Instagram is my Journey in the Aerial and Pole world.

This link will take you to my L.U.V Collection – my mission based brand advocating for mental illness. 

Thank you for your love and support, as always feel free to leave a comment or reach out 🙂

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